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Revolution Student Ministries exists to Reach the broken with the Gospel, Love God and people, Grow in faith, and Serve others — that nothing be lost.

"Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost."


JOHN 6:12




The Code

The Code represents our core values.

They are the biblical characteristics we desire to see modeled in every teenager and young adult.


We Act In Radical Faith

If we are to see a resurgence of apostolic demonstration and a spiritual awakening in our generation, we can’t limit God. We will move forward with expectation, taking bold steps and trusting God to do what only He can do.


We Embrace Our Fathers' Mantles

Previous generations paved the way for us to be here. We will not disregard or dishonor the message and anointing of our spiritual fathers, but we will embrace it. By embracing their mantles, we seek a double portion of their anointing.


We Keep The Landmarks, But Kill The Cows

Landmarks represent boundaries and legacy. We will keep the landmarks laid by the apostles and our elders, but we will not be afraid to slay sacred cows that have no foundation in God’s Word and relevance to our mission.


We Are United Under One Vision

Revolution Student Ministries is united under the vision to reach the broken with the full Gospel, love God and people, grow in faith, and serve others that nothing be lost. We will not waver in that vision and will aggressively defend our unity to it.


We Prioritize Growth Over Preservation

Catering to personal preference is not who we are. But we will do all we can, employ every method that aligns with our vision to reach this generation. We are more concerned about the generation we are trying to reach than those we are trying to keep.


We Seek Revolution, Not Resignation

We desire to see a drastic change in thought, behavior and conversation in this generation and will act in radical faith to see that change. We will not take no for an answer in our attempt to communicate the full Gospel, nor do we accept attitudes of defeat in our mission to reach, grow and serve.


We Think Inside The Box

Boundaries and limitations provide a frame in which God can paint a beautiful portrait of purpose, power and promise. We will embrace our limitations as a means for innovation, creativity and distinction in who God has called us to be.


We Prepare For Promise

Prophetic promise leads us to prepare for where God is taking us, not where we are. We will look to the future, leverage resources and structure according to a prophetic purpose. We will stretch ourselves and capitalize on momentum to continue a movement towards the promise.


We Focus On Less For More

Simplicity allows us to focus on what matters most and be excellent at it. We will align all resources, initiatives and ideas to the vision. Anything that does not align does not belong. We place a disproportionate value on creating an atmosphere and climate in which a generation can experience the Apostolic power of Jesus Christ.


We Eat The Fish And Leave the Bones

We don’t have all the answers, as a result, we will maintain a posture of learning. We will study and discuss all opportunities & methodologies to reach this generation, but will  only apply what can be aligned to our vision without compromising our apostolic message.


We Are Known For Our Love For Each Other

In a culture and generation of chaos, violence and loneliness, we will raise the standard of love to all we come in contact with. We will treat each other with love and respect knowing that by our acts of love to each other, the world will know the God we serve.


We Will Stay Humble

We will model humility by not seeking a spotlight or boasting of successes. We will celebrate victories in the context that our own abilities, talents and works are only tools through which Christ alone brings the harvest. It is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


The Staff


Student Pastor

Dallas and Brittany love serving the students of Revolution, and the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area. They have both been raised in Fort Wayne and love the community. Together, with their 2 year old son Elias, they serve along side an incredible team of leaders striving to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation and see a radical spiritual revolution take place in their community.



Connections Director



Communications Director

Chase has been a part of Revolution Student Ministries for over 10 years, and has served on the RSM Leadership team since 2013. He's an avid lover of music and a gifted musician. Even bigger than his love for music, is his love for this generation and the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chase's desire and passion is to see the students of this generation Reach others with the Gospel, Love God and others, Grow in Christ, and Serve others.


Student Worship Director



Leadership & Ministry Director

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